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Appdome case study. The Chalnge & The Solution

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The Chalnge

  • Deliver a personalize experience for every user including user history and basic statistics specific to each account
  • Divide the application into well defined & easily navigated steps that guide a user through the process of using the portal .
  • Support key actions on the service including creating an account, uploading an app, selecting (configuring) services to fuse to an app, fusing services to an app, signing an app and distributing an app.
  • Allow a user to return to key actions “in process.” Users should be able to navigate between completed and in process tasks as well as other parts of the site.
  • Support extensibility, allowing AppDome to continuously add more mobile services to fuse to apps on the platform.
    Users to be able to fuse (a) a single service to several applications in parallel, (b) fuse multiple services to a single app at one time, and (c) fuse multiple services to multiple apps.
  • Use “familiar” behaviours and layout, including consistency between company’s web site and the platform. User should feel like they are part of the same service.

The Solution

  • Create “info tour ” for better experience , for the different personas using the app
  • Create  a “Back and Forth” steps  flow (as the opposite to “one way” kind of flow), while  emphasising the  “fuse” step
  • Adding illustrations to achieve a fun and happy experience
  • Adding a different flow for ISV users
  • Changing layout and color brand

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